Meet Our Staff

Our staff writers are made up of students of all grade levels (9-12) who have completed the Journalism Elective course. Your news currently comes from students enrolled in the School Newspaper Enrichment course, which meets twice a week.

Emma Adawadkar, Staff Writer

Emma Adawadkar is a junior Staff Writer for the Spartan Times. She has always had a love for writing opinion pieces and news articles regarding the arts, along with news recognizing the hard work of people in the Sanford community. Her favorite subjects in school include Math, English and Spanish. She is currently a part of Peer Helpers, Civil Rights Team, Ocean Bowl, Theater Club, Math team, the Spartan Times, and the Treasurer of the Environmental Club. She is one of five siblings and enjoys spending time with her family, friends and six ducks. Finally, she is very excited to have the opportunity to share pertinent and important news with the entire student body and school community.

Keira Kilkenny, Staff Writer

Keira Kilkenny is a sophomore and second-year Staff Writer for the Spartan Times. She enjoys writing about equal rights for everyone. She strongly believes that everybody should be treated equally no matter what. She also enjoys writing about sports and whatever is currently happening in the community. She plays on the JV Volleyball team. She also loves reading and writing and does both almost every day. She likes drawing and having creative liberties. She grew up in New Hampshire and moved to Maine when she was 10 years old. She is very excited about the opportunity to write for the school newspaper.

Azline Maurais, Staff Writer

Azline Maurais is a senior Staff Writer for the Spartan Times. She enjoys writing about sports, celebrity gossip and the fine arts (but she only enjoys celebrity gossip when it revolves around Harry Styles). Azline plays softball and basketball for the Spartans. Her hobbies are listening to a variety of different music genres, photography and baking. She plans to go to college for Interior Design and minoring in Psychology. She is excited to be writing for the School Newspaper and hopes that with hard work, the school paper will become popular once again!

Hannah Mueller, Staff Writer

Hannah Mueller is a junior Staff Writer for the Sanford High School school newspaper. She enjoys writing about sports as well as school events. She plays for the varsity softball team and is a co-captain of the field hockey team. Her favorite subjects are anything art and English-related. She would like math but it makes her brain hurt. Her hobbies include painting in her free time and reading murder mystery books. Maybe even binging watching crime shows from time to time.

Madison Osborne, Staff Writer

Sophomore Madison (Maddie) Osborne is a second-year Staff Writer for the newspaper. She likes to write about business, school events and sports. She likes to read articles about politics, current events, sports reports and new or cool businesses. Maddie plays softball and cheers, she also plays on River Rats and cheers at Southern Maine Extreme. Her favorite subject is math and all of her time away from school is usually spent at practice, reading, cleaning or baking. Maddie loves Nike – especially their sneakers – and her favorite book is “A Touch of Darkness” by Scarlett St. Clair.

Dahlia Wechsler, Staff Writer

Dahlia Wechsler is a senior Staff Writer for the Sanford High School school newspaper. She grew up as a Maine local and loves to explore her community. In her high school years, Wechsler has most enjoyed her English classes, including AP Language and Composition, and her personal favorite, Feminist Theory. Outside of school, Wechsler likes to keep a personal journal of the happenings in her life and community. Some of her personal favorite topics to cover include current happenings in the world regarding feminist and social issues. While she enjoys writing in her personal time, Wechsler has never been a part of a journalism class and looks forward to learning more and developing her own journalistic voice.

Ms. Foley, Newspaper Advisor

Ms. Foley is a fifth-year teacher at SHS. She graduated from Springfield College with a double-major in English and Communications/Sports Journalism. She played four years of varsity lacrosse, worked for her school’s newspaper and television studio, and interned for The New England Revolution, ESPN Radio and MTV News. Prior to teaching, Ms. Foley worked in the Public Relations field in Boston. Now back in her home state, Ms. Foley teaches English 12 and Journalism. She is the Varsity Girls Lacrosse Coach and the SHS Abroad Advisor. She is very excited and proud to be a part of the Spartan Times!

If you’d like to get in touch with any of these writers or join our staff, please use our Contact Us page.

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