Covid-19 cases continue to spike in Maine

CDC raises concern and urges caution as winter draws near

Source: BioBuzz
By Riley Robitaille, STAFF WRITER

SANFORD, Maine – Cases in Maine are at an all-time high, as the delta variant spreads throughout the state. Sanford High School should proceed with caution.

In these past months, Covid cases are on the rise as the delta variant surges. Since September, a whopping 99% of coronavirus cases have been the new delta variant, according to the Bangor Daily News. The reason behind this is, while Maine may be one of the most vaccinated states, the vaccine only prevents serious health problems, covid can still be spread. This doesn’t stop the delta variant, which is said to be over two times more contractible, claims Yale Medicine.

Releases from the Sanford School Department state that in just the last week since Dec. 8, there have been 16 cases amongst students and staff at the high school and tech center, including six cases on Dec. 13. There are also concerns for how winter will affect things, as COVID was at its peak last January.

These numbers and the approaching winter worry our school nurse, Lynne Signore. 

“We have been in school for 56 days and we’ve had 109 cases at SHS/SRTC. That’s a lot,” said Signore. “I feel like those of us who haven’t had COVID yet will get it this winter. I wear a mask everywhere I go…I take my job as a public health/school nurse very seriously.” 

She also briefly touched upon the new strain of COVID, the omicron variant. “I’m especially worried about this winter. Between the Delta variant breaking through the vaccines and now the Omicron variant, my fear is we’ll have more cases.”

The Omicron variant has recently been detected in at least 30 states and 69 countries, according to Newsweek

Many people in Maine are keeping an eye on this new strain, as lots of things on this variant are still unknown. 

According to the Portland Press Herald, Janet Mills, Maine’s Governor, stated, “The emergence of omicron once again underscores the importance of taking common-sense steps like wearing masks when inside at public places, and, most importantly, getting vaccinated, including now getting your booster if you can.”

“Vaccination remains the best and most effective way to protect your health and that of your loved ones,” continued Mills, “and we continue to strongly urge Maine people to get their shot, regardless of whether it’s your first or your third.”

Signore shared what people can do to help: “Get vaccinated – it doesn’t alleviate your chances of getting or transmitting COVID but it reduces it AND reduces symptoms. Also, balance your risk. You may be worried about getting sick but we need to balance our mental and physical health. Withdrawing and isolating is easy to do…especially in the winter. We need to make sure we are connecting with people and doing things we enjoy while being cautious.”

The message is clear: the virus is still present – and growing – among us. Mask up and be cautious.

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