SHS Student Releases Professionally Recorded Album

Senior Bryce Sevigny Releases Album Jan. 25

By Jacqueline butler, staff writer

Senior Bryce Sevigny, also known as YSG Dreamz on SoundCloud, has big music dreams ahead of him.

From relatively “humble” beginnings in Sanford, Sevigny has taken the time to discuss his experience and the journey of his up-and-coming music career.

Sevigny is a 19-year-old upcoming artist who is working to build up a record label and make connections with many different talented artists.

When he isn’t making music there are a couple things Sevigny likes to do in his free time. “I’m more of the chill type,” Sevigny explains. “I’d rather be at home watching movies than out doing stuff, but at the same time, I love being outside being active,” noting that basketball is his favorite outdoor activity.

Bryce also says he often plays video games with his friends. “Something about controlling the game that lets me relieve stress, gain motivation, and even pull parts of it out to help me with a song.” 

I asked Bryce what motivates him to write music and he seemed to have a couple different motivations and inspiration. “When I can’t get motivation from video games, my girlfriend and I will just go on car rides and then I can observe what’s going on outside and try to build a story of it.” 

I asked him what he wants to do in the near future if his music career does or doesn’t work out. “In the future, I just hope to provide and take care of my family if my music career doesn’t take off then I hope to someday start my own landscaping business.”

Find Sevigny’s YSG Dreamz Sound Cloud page here.

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