POSTPONED: Ice Skate Social (again!)

Increasing warm temperatures leading into the weekend make tough terrain to skate


For the second time, the Sanford High School Travel Abroad Program (SHS Abroad) will have to move their Ice Skate Social Fundraiser due to weather.

Due to the warm temperatures over the last few days – in addition to the even warmer temperatures predicted for the weekend – the ice at West Brook Skating Rink is not in the condition it needs to be for the fundraiser.

According to Martin Grohman, chairman of the board of Friends of West Brook Skating Rink, after warmer weather, the rink needs three to four days of cold weather to firm up the ice. Unfortunately, the area won’t see below-freezing temperatures until Sunday.

“We’re definitely disappointed we have to move the fundraiser for the second time,” shares Kelly Foley, Advisor of SHS Abroad. “But that’s the risk with outdoor events. You are at the mercy of mother nature!”

Foley has been thankful for the outpour of support from the school and community members and hopes to find another date in March, still to be determined.

The Sanford Travel Abroad Program launched this fall and provides seniors the opportunity to travel abroad. The first class to travel, the Class of 2023, is headed to Italy.

Fundraisers from SHS Abroad are to help get raise money to pay for a bus to get the travelers round-trip airport transportation from the school and to help cover additional out-of-pocket expenses such as driver and tour guide tips once overseas.

You can follow updates from SHS Abroad on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Editor’s Note/Disclosure: The Newspaper Advisor is also the Advisor of SHS Abroad.

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