Student Survey Results: February Vacation Plans

We asked our classmates what they are doing over break


Every student and faculty member enjoys vacations, right? It’s a time to relax and take a moment for yourself. But, what are you supposed to do during vacations, especially while still in the pandemic?

Maybe you have no idea. Maybe you’re staying home and just have nothing to do. Well, hopefully, these student statistics for their plans during February vacation will help.

Student Statistics

Of the students surveyed, 54.8%  are planning on staying put over break. 

However, there are still people planning on leaving. Nearly13% of people surveyed are heading somewhere warmer. There are people going to Florida, Arizona and more. There are even more people traveling, but are planning to stay in New England. Some locations include Portland, Rhode Island, or somewhere else.

Since the answer for “where” has been provided, it’s time to look at the “what.” What are our fellow Spartans doing over the break?

We found 34.5% of people who took this test plan on hanging out with friends..

Another  20.7% of people plan to catch up on sleep, which is highly understandable. Other activities of surveyed students included watching Netflix and enjoying the outdoors.

What do you hope to do?

With no set plans in store, we wanted to know what our classmates hope to do over the course of the week. Our highest scoring activities include: 

You have just been given some ideas. Where are you going? Do you have any ideas on what you’re doing? 

If not, try to think of things that were or were not on this list. If you want to catch up on sleep, great. If you want to study, that’s also great.

No matter what you choose to do this February break, do what you want and need to do. And, most importantly, be safe, be smart, and have fun!

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