Sanford Schools Host Annual Art Show Virtually

The art show features work from Sanford Schools grade K-12


The Sanford School District’s Annual Art Show is on full display, but this year things have gone virtual.

Margaret Warner, art teacher at Sanford High School (SHS), said, “We decided to have it virtually because we were planning for it in the fall and we didn’t know what [COVID-19] restrictions would be like in the spring, so we decided the safest way to display everybody’s work and make sure everybody could see it was digitally.”

The art show features art from Sanford High School, Sanford Middle School, Sanford Pride Elementary, Carl J. Lamb and Margaret Chase Smith.

“The art show is a display of artwork from kindergarten through twelve grade, all students, all levels, all abilities,” added Warner. 

Sanford High School classes involved include AP studio art, Intro to Digital Photography, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, 2D Design, Sculpture and Art Fundamentals with Warner, Mrs. Gillis, Ms. Monroe, and Ms. Adams.

Sanford Middle School‘s art included Ms. Orchard’s fifth through eighth-grade classes as well as Ms. Lynn’s fifth through seventh grade classes.

Sanford Pride Elementary showcased Ms. Gaare’s K-fourth-grade art.

Carl J. Lamb incorporated Mrs. Lewin-Grover’s K through first-grade art and Ms. Gaare’s second through fourth-grade art.

Margaret Chase School integrated Mrs. Lewin-Grover’s Kindergarten through fourth-grade art. 

While virtual art shows were the safest route this year, it’s unlikely to become the permanent option.

“We’re really hoping to have the art show in person next year,” said Waner, who hopes to include the different choruses and the different bands to come perform on some nights and hopes to include the tech classes, welding and having culinary classes bake fancy cakes like they’ve done in the past as well.

Click on this link to visit the art show!

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