Sanford High School’s Top 10 Announced

Sanford Elks recognizes Top 50 graduates and other youth awards

The Sanford Elks 50th Annual Youth Banquet was held on Wednesday, May 4 at 6 p.m. at the Elks Lodge on Elm Street. The private event hosted and recognized the top 50 academic performers in the Class of 2022. The Top 10 graduates for the Class were announced along with many other honors, awards and scholarships. Below, we’ve asked the Top 10 about their future plans and favorite SHS memories:

Valedictorian: Isabella Farrington

Isabella Farrington will attend Messiah University (Mechanicsburg, Penn.), majoring in Politics and International Relations with a concentration in American Politics. Her aspirations are to go into law. Farrington was also recognized as the Elks Student of the Year.

  • Favorite SHS Class: My favorite high school class has been AP Research with Mrs. Tibbetts. 
  • Favorite SHS Memory: My favorite SHS memories are the ones in which our student body comes together and celebrates and supports each others’ uniqueness and talents, contributing to the positivity of our school culture. For instance, when our very own Wyatt played his electric guitar in the agora and in the Variety show – and the students went wild, when students see our high school shows and are raving the days following, and when students have shown up despite the rain to sports events, to name a few. 
  • Advice to Underclassmen: Do the hard thing – be kind when it’s not convenient, do extra when it’s not required, do the opposite of giving up when it gets hard, take risks for your passions…work for what is worthy of pride, and be proud. You are capable of so much more than you think.
  • Involvement at SHS: I am incredibly grateful for all of my teachers and adults who have mentored me over the years through, Theater, Treble Choir, Academics, Field Hockey, School Board, and community events. Without them, I would not have been nearly as enriched with knowledge and relationship as I am today.

Salutatorian: Ella Hoenig

Ella Hoenig will be attending Boston University (Boston, Mass.) to obtain her degree in Biomedical Engineering. She then hopes to continue her education or move into research.

  • Favorite SHS Class: AP Government with Mr. Kane
  • Favorite SHS Memory: All of my senior year memories are really special ones, but homecoming week was especially memorable. 
  • Advice for Underclassmen: Try to embrace change as much as possible. Have an open mind and remember to enjoy the simple moments as often as the big ones. 
  • Involvement at SHS: I was involved in key club, peer helpers, science bowl, math team, girls soccer, girls supporting girls, and my favorite volunteer experience was working at the library over the summer. 

Adia Hermann

Adia Hermann is attending the University of Maine Orono to pursue agriculture or wildlife biology and hopes to find a job in one of the two fields.

  • Favorite SHS Class: My favorite class was either the Outdoor Adventure gym class with Mr. Way or FST with Mr. Soule.
  • Favorite SHS Memory: All the time spent hanging out with friends and having fun.
  • Advice for Underclassmen: Work hard, but also make sure to enjoy your time as well.
  • Involvement at SHS: I’ve been a member of the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute, Math Team, and Theater Club.

Lydia Pease

Lydia Pease will be attending Connecticut College (New London, Conn.) in the fall as an undecided major. She plans to pursue her interests and continue on to grad school to get a Ph.D. and pursue a career that makes her happy. She also hopes to be a part of the Track & Field team!

  • Favorite SHS Class: AP U.S. History taught by Ms. Drew
  • Favorite SHS Memory: Being able to be a part of two amazing school sports teams that included Swim and Track & Field.
  • Advice for Underclassmen: Enjoy your time in high school because it goes by fast.

Celia Perks

Celia Perks is attending Oberlin College (Oberlin, Ohio) to study education or journalism and plans to join the swim team. She hopes to get a master’s in communications one day as well.

  • Favorite SHS Class: Mrs. White’s AP Lit & Lang, I love reading and writing, and she’s the best teacher I’ve had in this school.
  • Favorite SHS Memory: Track and swim meets have a special place in my heart, as well as my English classes and freshman year as a whole. 
  • Advice for Underclassmen: Enjoy your time in high school as much as you can. Take the fun classes, join that club, and play each sport you desire. Spend time for yourself and also for those around you, and truly savor the moment while you are in it!
  • Involvement at SHS: Yearbook editor, Key Club, Peer Helpers, National Honors Society, math team, track team, swim team captain, soccer, cross country, girls supporting girls, and [I] love to volunteer as much as I can and help out those around me. 

Olivia Martin

Olivia Martin will be attending the University of New Hampshire (Durham, N.H.) to earn an undergraduate degree in BioMedical Services. She then plans to attend medical school, earn her MD, and practice medicine as an OBGYN.

  • Favorite SHS Class: Oddly enough as a future science major, probably AP Literature taught by Mrs. White. 
  • Favorite SHS Memory: This is hard to choose, but probably the Variety Show which I helped NHS put on, and how supportive everyone was of all of the performers. It was a really special moment for a lot of people. 
  • Advice for Underclassmen: My best advice for underclassmen would probably be to keep working hard, even when it seems unnecessary or tedious. The work will be worth it when you are able to look back and be proud of everything you have accomplished, especially if you are able to hold the honor of being in the Top 10 like me. But, apart from academics, get involved! Clubs and athletics have been a big part of my high school career and they have made it better in every way. 
  • Involvement at SHS: I will be graduating with nearly 200 hours of documented community service, as the Secretary of the National Honors Society, having been the Choreographer for Sanford Theater Club for many years, having been a three-time varsity athlete, and having been a Section Leader in Chorus as well as a member of Treble Choir, attending both Districts and All-State musical festivals. This all may sound like a lot, and it definitely was, but it was all worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Joshua Werner

Josh Werner will attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Worcester, Mass.) and plans to dual major in Electrical/Computer Engineering and Business. His long-term goals are to start up his own computer company that focuses on research and advancement in cyber security, online anonymity, cryptography and microtechnologies. Primarily, he hopes to “start a new digital revolution.” After starting his first business, he also hopes to invest in new start-ups and real estate. 

  • Favorite SHS Class: The favorite class has to be AP Seminar with Ms. Quarles or AP Government with Mr. Kane. 
  • Favorite SHS Memory: It has to be giving my Constitutional Speech on voting in front of hundreds of kids in SHS; [the] majority of people hate public speaking but I felt so passionate about it that I couldn’t even feel the nerves. 
  • Advice to Underclassmen: The advice I have for underclassmen is to always stand up for what you believe in, even in the face of adversity. 

Daylin Soule

Daylin Soule will be attending the University of Maine Orono as a mechanical engineering major. Her future plans are to become a mechanical engineer or continue school to become an architect and drive a pink Jeep Wrangler.

  • Favorite SHS Class: Aspire Stats with Mr. Ericson 
  • Favorite SHS Memory: Senior Homecoming week 
  • Advice for Underclassmen: Don’t take your dad’s math class. 
  • Involvement at SHS: Lacrosse, Swim, Key Club, National Honors Society, Math Team, Peer Helpers, Art Club, Girls Supporting Girls, Yearbook, Homecoming Committee, Field Hockey, Golf, Field Hockey

Alison Machinski

Alison (Ali) Machinski will be attending Gordon College (Wenham, Mass.) in the fall and majoring in nursing. She hopes to become a postpartum nurse so she can create a difference in the community. She loves working with children and hopes to continue community service and make positive changes in a world that so desperately needs it.

  • Favorite SHS Class: I have a ton of favorite courses, but a couple are Chemistry with Mr. Walker and AP Literature with Mrs. White.
  • Favorite SHS Memory: How can I pick? There are so many to choose from. But some of my favorites include the time when Mrs. White wrote our class a speech and it was amazing, when we did a circle time in Mrs. Colbeth’s calculus class, any and every peer helpers event, and just all of the memories and laughs that I had and shared with my friends and teachers.
  • Advice for Underclassmen: Work really hard for what you are passionate about. I would encourage you to take classes that challenge you and spark interest. I also would like to remind you that you are enough. You are loved. You are worthy. All things that will remain true no matter your popularity level or class rank. I would also like to advise you to participate in activities. Get involved! These four years are a lot shorter and quicker than you may expect so enjoy it, live, and have fun!
  • Involvement at SHS: I participated in a wide variety of clubs. I participated in Girls Lacrosse, Peer Helpers, National Honors Society, Younglife, Highschool Ministry, Key club, Girls Supporting Girls club, Homecoming club, and Future Educators of America. Along with these clubs, I served almost every Sunday at my church’s nursery taking care of children. In addition to this, I work five days a week at two daycare/childcare facilities.

Alec Mercer

Alec Mercer will be attending the University of New Hampshire to pursue Mechanical Engineering. He has aspirations to work in the Aerospace field and pursue research and development for aerospace technologies.

  • Favorite SHS Class: AP English Literature with Mrs. White
  • Favorite SHS Memory: Leading Sanford Math Team to a top-25 place this year
  • Advice for Underclassmen: Make the most out of your four years, the time flies by and try and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to pursue a goal.
  • SHS Involvement: Baseball, Math Team Captain, Science Bowl Captain, Ocean Bowl

Additional certificates and scholarships for the night included:

Sanford Regional Technical Center (SRTC) Students of the Year: Ryleigh Ham (Cosmetology) and Kurtis Voter (Engineering & Architecture)

Teens of the Year: Laila Adawadkar and Joshua Werner

Student of the Year: Isabella Farrington

Elks Junior Students of the Year: Felix Rothwell and Isabella McCall


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