National Honors Society Students Participate in “Day of Caring” 

Students Volunteer at the Seashore Trolley Museum 

By Celia Perks, Guest contributor

On Tuesday, May 17, 21 students from Sanford’s National Honors Society headed to the Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunk to assist in trolley renovation, cleanup, landscaping and painting activities for the entirety of the day. The students, who were led by teachers Mrs. Works and Mrs. Thompson, readied their work gloves and shoes while also taking a beautiful midday ride and tour of the trolley museum; a true gem of Kennebunk. 

Students began by arriving in the early morning and visiting the inside portion of the site, where they first began their activities. After brief tours of the building with historical and antique trolley parts and maps, students split into three groups each with a different task of renovation on the day of caring. 

Six students aided in the landscaping group where they raked, weeded and cleaned a series of locations around the trolleys and buildings, helping the volunteers and employees of the museum in the spring cleaning.

Eight other students re-painted and renovated a series of picnic tables, benches and boards that were in need of touchups, while also enjoying the array of retired trolleys that adorned the outside.

The final group of seven students walked throughout the museum with cleaning supplies, renovating the insides and outsides of the historical cars with a variety of tools. 

Halfway through the day of caring, the students were brought onto two historical but working trolleys that operated right in the center of the museum. The students met with four experienced conductors and drivers that gave a detailed description of the background of the trolleys and how they once operated in Kennebunk. After the debrief, students were taken on a beautiful ride through the woods and were even given the opportunity to drive and ring the bell of the trolley itself! Even if some of the student’s operating skills were not up to par with those of the conductors, the ride made for a fantastic experienced that contributed to the enjoyment of the day. 

Sanford’s National Honors Society prepares for their upcoming Senior Sendoff on Tuesday, May 24, where they say their goodbyes to this year’s graduating seniors.

Below are some photos from the day:

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