JMG hosts Closing Ceremony

Jobs for Maine Graduates held end-of-year ceremony May 17


Friends, teachers and administration came together on May 17 at 3 p.m. to celebrate JMG (Jobs for Maine’s Graduates) students. This annual event to end the year is a celebration for JMG students and the program for this year. 

JMG Master Specialist, Ms. Cheryl Gifford said, “The JMG Closing Ceremony is one of my favorite events of the year. I love seeing the students dressed up and be able to recognize the seniors, some of which I have had for four years, for all their work throughout the years.”

Cheryl Gifford poses with Hayleigh Bolduc ’22, JMG President. Source: Cheryl Gifford

JMG helps students to graduate high school by providing additional support and students can get their community service hours by being in JMG.

All grade level participants were honored, especially senior students who were recognized for their accomplishments throughout their high school careers. The seniors include:

  • Hayleigh Bolduc, JMG President
  • Ethan Breiding
  • Erilynn Briggs
  • Ethan Clough
  • Cameren Freitas
  • Ashlynn McGinn
  • Emily Norwald
  • Alexis Ouellette
  • Riley Robitaille
  • Shelby Stevens
  • Q Byrd
  • Daniel Austin
  • John Lindsey
  • Anna Frohloff
  • Colby Vaillancourt
  • Topanga Warriner

Mr. Brody Ford was chosen as the guest speaker. He offered words of encouragement along with a few “Dad” jokes. 

Senior Ashlynn McGinn shares her experience at JMG: “I have been in JMG since I was a freshman, I used to sit in the back of the classroom, but now this program has helped me come out of my shell and give me the help I needed to succeed in high school.” After high school, McGinn is headed to Fisher College (Boston, Mass.) and credits JMG for helping her get where she is today.

Sanford High School students can be in JMG every year of high school if they choose. 

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