SHS Abroad reveals 2024 destination

The location for the program’s second trip has been announced to the Class of 2024


Updated on October 13, 2022

After receiving unanimous approval from the School Committee on Sept. 19, the Sanford High School Travel Abroad Program (@shs_abroad) has officially launched its second destination.

The Class of 2024 will have the opportunity to enroll in a trip to Greece in the Spring of 2024. An informational meeting for parents and students was held on Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 7 p.m. in the Sanford Performing Arts Center (SPAC).

In the meeting, Foley outlined the partnership with Education First (EF), an Educational Travel company, as well as everything that is included in the trip.

The nine-day trip includes four days in Athens, one day in Olympia and Epidaurus, and two days in Delphi. Two days are reserved for travel to and from Logan Airport.

The total trip costs families $3,679 dollars, and attendees were offered a $200 discount if they enrolled on the first night. Families have 16 months to pay for this trip, which equates to just over $215 a month (with the discount). There are also manual payment options that allow families to make fewer payments in larger amounts.

This price includes just about everything: round-trip flights, on-the-ground transportation (in high-quality coach buses), hotels, entrance fees to landmarks and attractions led by professional tour guides, a 27/4 local group guide, and breakfast and dinner; plus safety and travel insurance.

Things that are not included in the total are passports, extra baggage fees (students are already permitted one checked bag and one carry-on), and snacks and most lunches.

“Lunch is usually on our own because we’re out and about exploring,” said Foley, “so that’s our opportunity to have more freedom and flexibility in sampling the local cuisine.”

The group also will need to pay for tips for local guides, bus drivers, and tour director, and each traveler’s share of transportation to and from Logan Airport, all totaling approximately $200 per traveler, but Foley ensured families that there will be fundraising opportunities to reach that goal.

This is Foley’s second trip launched with EF. The Class of 2023 is less than 110 days out from their trip to Italy. Read more on the details of that trip here.

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