SHS Abroad reveals 2024 destination

The location for the program’s second trip has been announced to the Class of 2024

After receiving unanimous approval from the School Committee on Sept. 19, the Sanford High School Travel Abroad Program (@shs_abroad) has officially launched its second destination.

The Class of 2024 will have the opportunity to enroll in a trip to Greece in the Spring of 2024. Students and parents who are interested in learning more about the trip – including the itinerary, activities, dates and cost – should register for the Information Meeting taking place on Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 7 p.m. in the Sanford Performing Arts Center (SPAC).

The link for 2024 families to register for the Information Meeting is here:

The Class of 2023 is less than 150 days out from their trip to Italy. Read more on the details of that trip here.

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