SHS Wrestling Team Hosts Home Opener

The Spartans will raise their Dual State Championship banner at the meet


On Dec. 21 at 6 p.m. Sanford’s wrestling team will host Wells, South Portland and Portland in their home opener for the 2022-23 season. Last season, the Spartans won the Dual State Championship and will raise their championship banner that evening to commend the team’s hard work.

According to Coach Nate Smith, “Wells is an extremely tough team and they are gunning for a Class B State Championship, we will need all the fan support we can get to make sure that we beat them.”

The Wrestling team needs students to attend the match and cheer for our Spartans. Students are also being asked to wear the color black to the match, so make sure to do so.

The banner that the team earned from their win will be unveiled and raised at the match. Coach Smith invited the alumni captains back to help unveil the banner and is reportedly working on getting some other alumni from the 90s there as well. 

For those new to the sport of wrestling, the Dual State Championship is similar to a team playoff tournament where teams match up against one another and the winning team continues on in the competition. The state championship, a separate competition, is when individuals are placed into tournament brackets and they score team points based on their individual wins and placements throughout that tournament. 

You can follow the wrestling team on Instagram and Facebook. If fans have any further questions regarding this match, please feel free to reach out to Coach Smith at

Make sure to spread the word to your friends regarding this match. Let’s fill the stands and show the wrestling team our support!


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