Student Council Hosts Door Decorating Contest

Spartan Time homerooms compete for a holiday-themed prize


Every year in the weeks leading up to winter break, Sanford High School has a friendly competition run by Student Council, where Spartan Homerooms compete to decorate their doors. The winners were announced at the end of the day on Wednesday, Dec. 21. 

The criteria for this year’s competition had a new addition: including SHS’s new mascot, Martin the Spartan, in the design. Doors had to be finished by Tuesday, Dec. 20 so the judging could take place the next morning. All faculty and staff got judging slips in their mailboxes to score each door. 

There is one winner per floor in each wing, totaling 10 classes (gray “A”, red “B”, yellow “C”, green “D”, blue “E”)

The winning classes were dismissed on Thursday, Dec. 22 during Spartan Time to the Performing Arts Center to watch “Elf”. After the movie, the winners were also awarded pizza before returning to their third block. 

Winners of this year’s door decoration competition are listed below. 

Gray Wing: 

A242 Mr. Hamilton

AP Office

Red Wing:

B127 Mrs. Gillis 


Yellow Wing: 

C114 Ms. English

C205 Ms. Gifford

Green Wing:

D130 Ms. Foley

D228 Mr. McLellan

Blue Wing:

E150 Mrs. Boissoneault and Mr. Smith

E212 Mrs. Baker 

Below is a slideshow with all the participating doors:

Photo source: Hannah Mueller

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