Winter & Holiday Student Survey Results

We asked SHS students for opinions on all things winter holiday

By Brooklyn Verdejo and hannah morgan, STAFF WRITERS

The holiday season is upon us and we asked more than 200 SHS students about their winter and holiday favorites.  

Some categories we wanted to know about included favorite holiday treats such as candies and desserts, favorite holiday movies, the best colored holiday lights, and their favorite holiday and snow day traditions.

Here are the results:

When asked about their favorite holiday candy 26.9% of students said Lindt Chocolates. The runner-ups were Reese’s Trees with 21.2%, and Candy Canes with 20.2%.

For the favorite desserts section, sugar cookies won with 20.6% of student votes, following sugar cookies were cakes and cheesecake with 18.7% of votes, and fudge with 14.4%.

“The Grinch” won the best holiday movie with 19.2% of student votes, followed by “Home Alone” with 18.8%, and “Elf” with 14.4%.

Exchanging gifts won with 42.2% of votes in students’ favorite holiday tradition category. Following up was putting up a Christmas tree with 31.6% of votes, and Making a gingerbread house with 13.6%.

When asked about their favorite holiday light colors, white won the vote with 39.4% of student votes. Close behind followed colored lights with 34.6% and 10.1% didn’t have a preference.

On snow days, 51.2% of students prefer to make hot chocolate. Followed by 23% who chose sledding and 11% skiing. 

We hope everyone has a great winter break and enjoys all festivities. Happy Holidays!

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