SHS Peer Helpers Host Staff Lip Sync Battle

Six teachers competed with a selection of love songs for Valentine’s Day


On Feb. 14, SHS Peer Helpers held a Valentine-themed lip sync battle featuring staff members, Mr. LaBerge, Ms. Francoeur, Mr. Ford, Mr. Rowe, Mrs. Murphy-Putnam, and Mrs. Letourneau.

A lip-sync battle is a competition where contestants go head-to-head in three preliminary rounds. Contestants must be able to excel in a variety of categories, including lip singing, fresh dance moves, and overall performance, to make it to the finals.

In the preliminary rounds, two contestants battled each other. After both contestants performed, the crowd, made up of students and staff, voted on which one moves on to the finals by cheering the loudest for their favorite performer. 

After three rounds, the last three contestants battle it out for one final song where the crowd once again determines who wins through a cheering vote system. The final three were Mr. Laberge, Ms. Letourneau, and Mr. Rowe, with Row ultimately taking the crown.

This event was a great and fun way to bring the school together on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s what you missed:

The show was kicked off with Sanford High’s chorus teacher, Mr. Laberge, performing “She Loves Me” from the musical, “She Loves Me”. He won the crowd with his killer dance moves and animated facial expressions.

Next up was none other than Sanford High’s Band teacher Ms. Francoeur, who left the crowd roaring with laughter after she “Rickrolled” everyone.

To start the second round, Mr. Ford got the whole crowd singing along during his performance of “Call Me Maybe”. He really brought his A-game with his props and themed performance. 

Mr. Rowe’s performance to Bruno Mars, “When I was Your Man”, was a success with his dance moves. He really shared his love for Valentine’s day by throwing flowers and stuffed bears into the crowd.

Everyone was “blown” away by Mrs. Murphy Putnam’s performance of, All Coming Back To Me Now, by Celine Dion, equipped with the power fan for full dramatic effect. 

Last, but definitely not least, Peer Helper Advisor Mrs. Letourneau got the whole crowd pumped with her killer performance of “I Will Survive”. 

Mrs. Letourneau, Mr. Laberge, and Mr. Rowe were voted as finalists. Here is a picture of the three of them battling it out to Beyonce, Crazy In Love“. After two rounds of crowd voting, the determined winner was Mr. Rowe!

Mr. Rowe accepted his Peer Helpers prize from the event host and VJ, Mr. Brett Williams. Thank you to all teachers and staff who were such good sports by participating!

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