SRTC adds Zoology Program to 23-24 School Year

Animals will take over the green wing classrooms and visitor parking lot

By Izabella Goodrich, STAFF WRITER

The Sanford Regional Technical Center (SRTC) has announced the launch of a new Zoology Program for the 2023-2024 school year. Applications open April Fools 1 via email for any students interested.

According to Wikipedia, Zoology is “the branch of biology that studies the animal kingdom, including the structure, embryology, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct, and how they interact with their ecosystems.”

Students involved in this program will have the opportunity to observe exotic animals from around the world and create their own human-friendly experiments for scientific or behavioral research.

A petting zoo will also be included in this program for students, staff, and community members to visit throughout school hours. Admission tickets will be available for the spring of 2024 through the Community Retail Center doors.

The zoology program will be home to multiple species from around the world, specifically, capybaras, snakes, wildcats, sloths, and more.

Whether you are visiting the local petting zoo, or taking part in the zoology program, SRTC can’t wait to welcome you into this April Fools prank!

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Beloved April Fool’s Day originated in the very town of Sanford

Today Celebrates The 172nd Anniversary of the holiday’s founding by Sanford native Thomas Spiller 

By Emma Adawadkar, STAFF WRITER

Today marks the 172nd anniversary of April Fool’s Day, which was originally founded in our own town of Sanford, Maine.

This special day was first established on April 1, 1851 by well-known historian and landowner, Thomas Spiller. 

The purpose of the holiday began as a way to allow people to play jokes on others, without causing upset and grudges. Over time, other states caught wind of this tradition and adopted it for their own.

A few memorable jokes that have been recorded over the years have been people dying people’s lawns pink, reversing the letters on the signs at local businesses, and lastly, as expected a lot of ding dong ditching, even in the 1800s. 

This information is important as it allows us to better understand the history of Sanford, Maine and the impact others have had before us. And most importantly, April Fools!

Sanford High School announces the return of virtual classes

Sanford High school provides info on the new upcoming virtual classes on the weekend


Sanford High School announces the return of virtual classes on the weekends starting on April 1.

Sanford High School is bringing back virtual classes on the weekends. Principal Peter Griffin states, “The weekends will contain virtual classes to keep students smart and on their toes with memory retention over the weekend. It’ll be a good way to reduce the days during the summer lost if we have a snow day.”

Students are just sad that there isn’t enough school. The new schedule has been tested on a few students so far, and will be fully integrated throughout the whole school by April 1.

The subject has caught the attention of a few students. Freshman Dantavious Buckleberry said, “Bro the new virtual classes are absolutely AMAZING, I can’t believe the school would do something so great. I was doing nothing on the weekend anyways, any time spent doing video games should be spent doing things that are academic!”

Senior Longtavious Tringlebob said, “Man, I am sure unlucky that this will be my final year here. I sure would have loved this.”

School teacher Mr. Bringleton says, “Can’t wait to also deal with children on the weekends because children never annoy me, and I can’t wait to assign work over the weekend knowing full well that I have to grade everything. I absolutely hate having free time.”

From all the positive reviews, SHS is hopeful this will change the school for the greater good.

SHS to bring all students and staff to the Bahamas in 2024

Boost in school budget provides payment for all expenses

By Emma Knight, STAFF WRITER

On Friday, March 31, Sanford High School announced all students and staff will be taking a trip to paradise: the Bahamas in 2024

The decision was made after the success of the SHS Abroad’s 2023 Itay trip. Now, will school spending available in large quantities, Sanford High School can pay for everyone’s travel.

The hopes of this trip are that everyone has a great time with their friends, as Sanford wants everyone to have an unforgettable high school experience.

“We are truly grateful to have the opportunity to do this, and hope everyone has the chance to enjoy themselves,” said the School Committee.

On this trip, they plan for each student and staff member to have their own room at a five-star hotel on the beach. Students and staff are welcome to invite others to come with them as well, as there will be no rules.

While this is going to be very exciting experience, Sanford High did have one more comment on this topic, “April Fools.”

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