SHS Celebrates National Student-Athlete Day

Mikini Screenprint welcomed student-athletes and honored the challenges they face


Golf and basketball coach Rossie Kearson poses with 18 SHS student-athletes invited to celebrate National Student-Athlete Day. Photo Credit: Sam Bonsey

The Sanford Athletics Department partnered with Mikini Embroidery & Sports Apparel to celebrate National Student-Athlete Day on April 6.

“With this lunch, they welcomed 18 student-athletes from across all of our sports to lunch and to be recognized and celebrated for all of the hard work it takes to be a successful student-athlete,” said Zach Lemelin, SHS Athletic Director.

Students who attended the luncheon include Isabella Tremblay, LJ McFarland, Tyler Lebeuf, Sophie Therrien, Sophia Tounge, Audrey Payeur, Tanner McCann, Jordan Bissonnette, Ana Cote, Julissa McBarron, Emerson Tolpin, Kora Eckelman, Riley Hebler, Audrey Coleman, Hayden Fuller, AJ Anderson, Ayden Lockard and J.P. Alexandre.

The students were treated to lunch from Subway and spoke on the challenges that student-athletes face, in addition to the lessons and skills it has taught them.

“I had to learn to balance my education and dedication to my team as well as balancing extracurricular activities and my social life!” said Ana Cote of soccer and track & field.

Tanner McCann, who plays baseball and basketball, notes there are also advantages of being a student-athlete, including “[building] a good background for college in the future, [and] being a role model for the younger student-athletes in the area.”

Ayden Lockard, who plays golf, hockey, and lacrosse, notes advantages of being a student-athlete are, “Forming time management skills, teamwork and leadership skills, and discipline are all things a person needs to succeed in the real world.”  

Many student-athletes also credited sports with finding some of their best friends.

Winter cheerleading captain Audrey Coleman said, “My team really becomes my friend group during the season, so I’m super thankful for the bonds I’ve made with my team. I’m honored to be their leader.”

In his first year at the helm, Lemelin has launched a Student-Athlete Leadership Council that meets on Wednesdays after school to continue building a strong climate and culture, leadership skills, and community amongst athletes of all ages and skill levels.

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