SHS Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers enjoy a week of appreciation from May 8-12


Sanford High School is celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week May 8-12. 

Teacher Appreciation Week honors the teachers and recognizes their success and dedication to schools and their students. At Sanford High School, Teacher Appreciation Week is organized and put together by two teachers, Mrs. Tibbetts and Mrs. Baker.

For more than 10 years now, Baker and Tibbetts have been the advisors for The Future Educators of America Club (FEA). The FEA focuses on students who are interested in going into any field that works with children.

During the week, there will be multiple activities for the teachers. On Monday, May 8, there will be a breakfast offered to all teachers, on Wednesday after school there will be a nacho bar and on Friday, May 12, raffles will be held with fun prizes. Teachers also get to enjoy a free “Jeans Day” on Friday as well.

Within the month leading up to Teacher Appreciation Week, Baker and Tibbetts have been receiving donations from places like Aroma Joes, Harry’s, Funtown Splashtown, York’s Wild Animal Kingdom and more.

“In the past, we have done things like water bottles, backpacks, stylists for iPads, just things they will use,” said Tibbetts. 

In addition to the work behind the scenes from Tibbetts and Baker, The Spartan Times reached out to the student body to give them the opportunity to thank their favorite teachers:

“Mrs. Whitney is the kindest, most supporting teacher I’ve ever had. Thank you for your understanding, compassion, and love toward all your students. It doesn’t go unnoticed.” 

“I would like to thank [Mr. Mathieu] for always believing in me, even when I don’t get my work done and end up creating extra work for you when I turn it in late, you grade it as soon as you can. Thank you.” 

“[Mr. Auger] always made class very entertaining and you made the most entertaining assignment I’ve had in my entire school career. I was always looking forward to your class.”

A special thank you to all of the teachers and staff who continue to make Sanford High School a great school. 

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