Sanford High School Hosts Decision Day Event

Decision Day celebrates Class of 2023 plans after high school

Members of the Class of 2023 celebrated Decision Day. Source: Matthew Lunny

Sanford High School’s School Counseling Department hosted an official “Decision Day” event on May 1 for members of the Class of 2023.

Decision Day is a national event that happens in select schools for the graduating class of that year.

The goal of decision day was to create an exciting event for the seniors to publicly announce student decisions on their post-high school plans, whether they’re going to the military, workforce, college, or are still undecided.

Seniors were encouraged to show off their decisions by wearing t-shirts and sweatshirts with college names, military branches, or company logos on them. Undecided students were also encouraged to have some fun with their spirit day garb.

For students unsure of their post-high school plans, Decision Day also offered possibilities to those who may feel excluded for not having chosen yet whether they want to go to college or into the workforce or military.

The seniors started the event in the Performing Arts Center where they were given information from Project Graduation, the group that puts on the senior social and entertainment event on graduation night. Project Grad revealed what the evening was going to look like and shared the activities offered after the ceremony.

Seniors then headed to the Competition Gym for some social celebrations. A photo station was set up for seniors to take photos with friends and were encouraged to use the hashtag “#spartanfuture23” with their photos.

Cupcakes were provided with different decorations for each decision for students to show their decision and flags were also available for them to hold.  

For the undecided students, there was a “What’s Next” booth for exploring employment and training options upon graduation. Choices such as Army Education, The Maine Construction Academy, were put on paper as opportunities available for undecided seniors to explore.

Job opportunities also were listed for those graduating and still undecided and are interested in the workforce, including Spirit AeroSystems, a training program for them to get started in construction, or an operating room assistant for Maine Medical Center.

Prior to the event they had set up advertisements with the televisions around the SHS building, Decision day is held nationally on the first of May. SHS hopes this is the start of a great tradition.

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