Sanford Elks Lodge Hosts Class of 2023 Top 50 Students

Top 10 graduates and additional student awards announced

Sanford High School’s Class of 2023 Top Ten. Back Row (L to R): Ana Cote, Nathan Ghedoni, Isabella Tremblay, Miranda Tanguay, Avery Morissette. Front Row (L to R): Audrey Coleman, Abbey Gifford, John-Paul Alexandre, Hannah Baker, and Samantha Phillips.
Photo credit: Matt Petermann

On Wednesday, May 10, the Sanford Elks Lodge hosted its annual Youth Banquet that honors the high school’s top 50 academically ranked students. The banquet also announced the top 10 graduates and additional student awards.

“We must thank the Elks for putting on this wonderful banquet to recognize our students,” said Matt Petermann, SHS Principal. “I am very proud of all our students and am proud to be here celebrating the good work these students have put in over their four years at Sanford High School.”

The Top 10 Graduates for the Class of 2023 were announced, which include:

Samantha Phillips (Valedictorian)

Hannah Baker (Salutatorian)

John-Paul Alexandre

Abbey Gifford

Audrey Coleman

Avery Morrissette

Miranda Tanguay

Isabella Tremblay

Nathan Ghedoni

Ana Cote

A special feature on these top 10 graduates is in the works.

Additionally, the banquet honored a number of seniors for their many accomplishments over the last few years, which include:

Sanford SRTC Male of the Year: Andrew Dumond, Law Enforcement

Sanford SRTC Female of the Year: Mia Kane, Health Occupations

SHS Male Teen of the Year: John Paul Alexandre

SHS Female Teen of the Year: Ana Cote

SHS Student of the Year: Samantha Phillips 

“The Class of 2023 has endured some tough times but has persevered and will go on to complete amazing things during their lives,” Petermann said.

A full recording of the event can be found here.

Congratulations to all students as they near their final month of high school.

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