SHS Celebrates School Nurse Appreciation Day

Spartans celebrate school nurse, Lynne Signore


School Nurse Appreciation Day lands on May 10 this year and Sanford High School wants to celebrate the efforts of our school nurse, Mrs. Lynne Signore. 

Signore has worked at the high school for seven years. She is a Sanford graduate and her three children went through the Sanford School system. She’s navigated SHS through a pandemic and been a friendly and familiar face for students and staff alike.

Signore states, “Being a high school nurse is my favorite job!” She loves to help students that need her there. She feels she is too sarcastic so high schoolers get her sense of humor.

Signore doesn’t know exactly what made her want to become a nurse but she first entered Pre-med at the University of Rhode Island, but when life took her in a different direction, she became a CNA at 18. She felt comfortable in difficult conversations and was able to help those that need it. 

According to Signore, the most challenging part for school nurses was definitely when Covid-19 hit. Signore recalls how stressful and draining it was, and school nurses were extremely beaten down. “Between phone calls with parents and getting yelled at daily it was a lot,” she added.  

Sanford is grateful for all those phone calls, late night shifts, and the extreme detail and care Signore took during that time to help keep our school safe.

The advice Mrs. Signore would give herself back when she first started to be a school nurse would be “to just ride the wave.”

For School Nurse Appreciation Day, Signore often receives small tokens of appreciation such as gift cards or just little gifts from both staff and students.  

The Spartan Times reached out to the student body to give them the opportunity to show their appreciation for Mrs. Signore. In addition to dozens of “thank yous,” Below are some of the specific thanks she received:

“Thank you for being here at Sanford High School and helping us with our needs!” 

Many students thanked Mrs. Signore for helping them with the little things or even the big hard things.   

“Thank you for all that you have done to help keep us healthy and safe in the school and for the wonderful life hacks, they have helped a lot, especially the one about what to do during an anxiety/panic attack.”

“Thank you for making the nurse’s office feel like a safe place.”

Sanford High School again thanks Mrs. Signore for all she does in our building and we wish her the best Nurse Appreciation Day to date.

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