Sanford Regional Technical Center sees banner year of applicants

Technical School received more than 700 total applicants

 Firefighting Program Rendering. Source: Lavallee Brensinger Architects

Sanford Regional Technical Center (SRTC) saw a record number of applicants for the 2023-24 school year, exceeding 700 hopefuls from eight eligible schools.

Deanna Farrell, the SRTC Student Service Counselor who manages admissions, reported a 27% increase this year, totaling 717 by the deadline. 

According to Farrell, the number of applicants increased across all schools, noting no specific school had a major increase relative to the others. Sanford High School, however, has had the highest number of total applicants for over a decade, accounting for about a fifth of all applications.

Farrell stated one reason why she believes Sanford High School has the highest number of applicants is proximity.

“We share a building that was literally designed so that Sanford High School students can see the different programs throughout their day and they also get to take enrichment courses,” said Farrell.

The partner schools include Wells, Massabesic, York, Traip, Noble, Marshwood and Kennebunk. There are up to 600 total students across these schools in SRTC, including Sanford and homeschooled students. 

Any student could apply for the 2023-24 SRTC programs by March 3. Students received interview preparation sheets that included frequently asked questions from Mrs. Farrell to prepare them for their interview (with program instructors) to express themselves. Interviews lasted about 10 minutes and occurred from March 21 to March 28.

Factors that decide whether or not a student is accepted into a program include their transcript, current grades, attendance, application, interview, school rating; SRTC focuses on rising juniors. 

Most programs had a slight increase in popularity, but the Auto Collision and Repair and Emergency Medical Technician programs nearly doubled in applicants.

Other historically popular programs include Cosmetology, Early Childhood Education, Electrical Wiring and Welding and Metal Fabrication. 

Some programs reported applicant numbers three times higher than available space. “This process is bittersweet,” says Farrell. “These are tough decisions that bring positive feelings to many, whereas some others are not offered a spot and are disappointed.”

Students were notified of their application status over April vacation. Any student hoping for more feedback may reach out to Mrs. Farrell.

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