JMG Career Badge gives SHS students financial opportunities 

Juniors and seniors took advantage of work and research opportunities to earn $500


Jobs for Maine Graduates, JMG, recently provided an opportunity for SHS juniors and seniors to earn a JMG Career Badge, which encourages students to research careers and future plans.

The JMG Career Badge is available for juniors and seniors, and now sophomores as of March 1. There is no cost to participate and students do not need to be enrolled in JMG. 

The requirements for this are completing a 3-5 hour online program to research careers, values skills, and future training skills location or taking the JMG elective class.  Once students complete their research and 40 hours of work experience, they receive $500. 

“I am so excited to offer this unique opportunity for the students of Sanford High School,” said JMG teacher, Cheryl Gifford. “Students do not have to be enrolled in JMG to participate. They can simply schedule themselves with me during Spartan Time for help with the career research and to schedule internships.”

More than 100 SHS students have taken advantage of the opportunity so far, and 54 have earned the badge and scholarship, according to Gifford. Pictured, seniors Jazmine Santamore (left) and Jordyn Bolduc (right) show off their earnings.

This opportunity will be available next year or until the funds run out. 

Some students have used this $500 to pay for Driver’s Ed and many students used the money toward their SHS Abroad trip.

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