Sanford High School Library Offers Free Summer Books

Free summer books have been ordered and free audiobooks will be available


Free summer books will be provided soon in the Sanford High School library.

Orders for the free summer books have been placed, but extras were ordered and an event will be hosted for students to pick them up.

Additionally, free audiobooks will be available through AudioFile. Teens can download two free audiobooks every week, from April 27 to Aug. 2. 

According to school librarian, Jennifer Raymond, the most popular books among students in recent years are mysteries (the genre). Raymond recommended checking out the books, “All My Rage” by Sabaa Tahir and “The Weight of Blood” by Tiffany D. Jackson.

Reading also helps benefit the health of people. According to a study by the National Institute of Health, MRI scans show that reading helps strengthen connections in the brain. A 2013 study by showed that reading may help prevent age-related cognitive diseases.

Raymond believes reading is important to give people new perspectives, see other’s experiences and help build empathy. She stated that although people are banning books, people that can read, aren’t.

Sanford High School Hosts Poetry Slam

Sanford High School celebrates National Poetry Month with a Poetry Slam.


On Friday, April 28 during Spartan Time Jenn Raymond, our school librarian, held the Poetry Slam in the Sanford High School (SHS) agora for National Poetry Month. 

Raymond has hosted one Poetry Slam Since being in the New High School, the year before the pandemic (2018-2019). 

Raymond explained that due to post-COVID19, it is hard to get students to participate. 

Poems accepted can be anything from original work, song lyrics, or a favorite poem. For these poems to get verified and for students to get accepted into the show they must get confirmation via email or in person.  

Raymond found that many students were shy or nervous to be in front of a crowd. “My advice to students that are timid or nervous, is to just do it. I’m not a good public speaker, but sometimes I can get in the zone with poetry, or something that I feel strongly about,” said Raymond. “Oftentimes, it is the shy people who are drawn to performance art.”

The Poetry Slam had eight acts signed up including Anna Allocco, the high school Spanish teacher, along with Raymond. Although, as the poetry slam went on, more students were inspired to present poems like song lyrics in the crowd. 

The students who participated in the poetry slam were Alex Fraize, Alyssa McLean, Bo Thurston, McKenzy Rogers, Ray McCarthy and Tarah Myers. Some of these students had more than one poem to read.

These students took real-life occurrences and problems and presented them to the audience in the form of poetry and proceeded with passion.

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