SHS 2022 Mock Election Results

More than 200 students participated in a school-wide online election


On Monday, Oct. 24, SHS students were given an online survey via Google Forms to vote in the 2022 mock election, orchestrated by the history department’s Civics class. Approximately 210 students participated, 88.6% of whom live in Sanford and 11.4% live in Acton.

The results for the Representative of the U.S. Congress District One, with 207 responses, was democrat Chellie Pingree with 54.1% of votes. 

Democrat Janet Mills won for governor won with 47.6% of 208 total votes. (LePage and Hunkler received 37% and 15.4%, respectively.)

Becky Brink received 100% of the 169 votes for City Mayor for the next two years.

For State Senators, democrat Kendra Williams was voted 53.1% out of 179 votes for District Four, and republican James Libby was voted for District Two with 65.2% of 23 votes. 

For Representatives for the Legislature, 52.8% of 178 voters favored republican Lucas Lanigan for District 141. Democrat Anne-Marie Mastraccio was voted 61.9% of 181 for District 142. Republican Anne Marie Fredricks received 52% of 179 votes for District 143, and with 65.2% of 23 votes, republican Jeffrey Adams was voted for District 144.

Peter Tranchemontagne received 54.4% of 169 votes for City Council member for the next three years. 

Melissa Simpson received 60.2% of 166 votes for School Committee member for the next three years.

Melissa Allipalo received 100% of 168 votes for a trustee of the Sanford Water District for the next three years. Additionally, Rodney Laurendeau received 71.3% of votes for a trustee of the Sanford Sewerage District for the next three years.

Out of 179 voters, 100% voted for Bobby Mills for York County Treasurer, Nancy Hammond for Register of Deeds, and Kathryn Slattery, all democrats.

Finally, out of 200 voters, 55% voted for William King for York County Sheriff.

This ballot also featured questions about our community’s government. The findings showed 52.2% of 23 voters would prefer a referendum secret ballot when voting in Acton’s Annual Town Meetings.

Additionally, 68% of 22 votes opted to increase the current number of Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers of the Poor from its current number of three elected persons to five elected persons over the next two years.

Finally, 54.2% of 24 voters opted for transferring $100,000 from the School’s unassigned funds to upgrade lighting throughout the school to LEDs.

Maine’s General Election is coming up on Nov. 8, 2022. To find your polling place and make a plan to vote, visit

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