Athletic Dept. hosts Signing Day for Joel Morrison

Morrison committed to Mount St. Mary’s University to play Division 1 soccer


From left to right: Joel Morrison (right center) signed his letter of intent with his Coach (far left), mom (center left) and dad (far right). Source: Emma Adawadkar

By Emma Adawadkar, STAFF WRITER

April 19, 2023

SANFORD, Maine – The Sanford Athletics Department hosted a Signing Day for senior Joel Morrison in the Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, April 11. Morrison has committed to play Division 1 soccer at Mount St Mary’s in Emmitsburg, M.D. in the fall.

A signing day is held to recognize students that have committed to playing a sport at the college level.

Morrison, who has been playing soccer for 13 years, was a standout attacker for the boys soccer program this fall. In previous years, Morrison was solely committed to soccer outside of school teams, predominantly Seacoast United.

Zach Lemlin, Sanford Athletic Director, did the opening and closing ceremonies for this event.

“I’m super proud of Joel,” said Lemelin. “It was great to have him play for Sanford High School this year. He had a tremendous season, he’s a great teammate, and I wish him all the best a Mount St. Mary’s.”

Before Morrison completed the signing, he briefly thanked his family and friends for all of the support they offered him to reach this point, crediting his parents as the most influential people in his life.

“They’ve sacrificed a ton to allow me to fulfill these goals of mine and them doing that has influenced me to push as hard as I can to get to where I am now,” he said.

In 2019, Morrison traveled to England with Seacoast United’s academy, where he got the opportunity to play against youth premier league academies. Morrison considered it a “life-changing experience” to compete against those players. His coach, Martyn Keen, was in attendance and spoke to the type of person and player Morrison is.

For the younger generations who are hoping to follow a similar path, Morrison urges them to push through challenges.

“At a young age we all dream about making it in the sport you love, growing up there’s going to be a lot of obstacles and times you want to give up,” he said. “For me, I just think about what younger me would think if I were to give up on this dream, and that pushes me even more to keep going.”

When it comes to balancing sports and school, Morrison added, “Maintaining academics and athletics isn’t easy but very manageable if you set yourself up right and have the proper mindset.”

“Knowing the requirements for NCAA eligibility is very helpful because you can build your school schedule with those requirements and it’s pretty smooth sailing as long as you put your school work before athletics,” he adds.

Morrison will be attending Mount St. Mary’s with fellow classmate, TJ Curley, who will be attending for baseball.

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