SHS Winter Carnival Preview

Spirit Week Days and Events in Detail


The week of Feb. 14, Sanford High School students will celebrate Winter Carnival before February vacation. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the rise in cases, there will not be a Winter Ball.

Below are the spirit week assignments and activities happening after school.

Monday will be Pink and White Day, students can dress up in pink and white along with other Valentine’s Day attire.

Tuesday is Anything but a Backpack Day, where students can be as creative as they want, to use anything but a backpack to hold their school supplies for the day.

Wednesday is Class Cartoon Day, where each class has voted on a cartoon character and can dress accordingly. Freshmen are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sophomores are Toy Story, Juniors are Scooby Doo, and Seniors are Charlie Brown. 

Thursday will be Parent Parade, where students can dress as a stereotypical parent with embarrassing clothes like mom jeans or khakis.

Also on Thursday after school Thursday, Feb. 17 from  2:45 p.m. – 4:30 p.m., there will be a sledding party on the hill behind the café.  Some sleds will be provided but students are also encouraged to bring their own. There will also be music and hot chocolate.

Friday will be Red and White Day, where students can show their school spirit by dressing in the school’s colors.

Teachers will be keeping track of the number of students in each class who participate, and the winning class will win $50 toward their class fund.

Each class will also build snow sculptures for a class competition with $200 to the winning class.

Students were disappointed to find out there won’t be a dance, but understand that it’s due to an alarming number of cases still circulating our community.

Nate Smith, the Student Council advisor, said, “We had to make the heartbreaking decision to cancel the Winter Ball in light of current cases and with the understanding of how many cases came out of Homecoming this year. However, I think that we have a really fun week prepared and we are open to more suggestions as to how we can make it a great week for the kids, and [staff].”

Despite the Winter Ball being canceled, this year there will be Ice Prince and Ice Princess nominations. These will be Seniors, nominated to represent a club, activity or sport. 

Smith also said that he is looking into Friday being the day that the Spartan Time door decorating winners (from December) get to watch a movie in the Performing Arts Center.

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