SHS Junior Walks in New York Fashion Week

Abbey Gifford continues to build pageant and modeling portfolio


Abbey Gifford, a junior at SHS, walked in New York Fashion Week (NYFW) on Feb. 12. She walked for the designers S&N and Nonelillah.

Gifford started modeling through pageants at her grandmother’s company, Young American Women of Service, where they do positive pageantry. According to Gifford, this particular type of pageant is focused on community service and it gives college scholarships, which is why she chose to do it.

“Last year I did over 100 hours of community service through them which got me the Presidential Award for Community Service,” she said.

As a prize for a recent pageant won, Gifford was sent to walk in NYFW. Gifford expressed her gratitude for the opportunity.

“I saw a lot of designers and they told me a bit about their stories,” said Gifford. “A lot of models came from all over the place so it was nice to just talk with them.”

Gifford has now begun to build up a portfolio in pageants and modeling. A few months ago, she modeled for designer Johnathan Kayne and did a show in Mississippi.

When asked who her inspiration was, Gifford said, “There is this little girl and she’s modeled with me a couple times and she’s just so talented and she’s just so inspirational. It’s so cute to see her go out there and just be a totally different person. She’s so shy but she gets out there and she’s like a professional. It’s really cute.”

Gifford said that modeling is something that she enjoys, but wouldn’t want to pursue as a full-time career.

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