Sanford High School holds annual College and Career fair

On Thursday, Nov. 10, SHS juniors, seniors, and SRTC students attended the fair during Spartan Time


Sanford High School’s resident career planning coordinator, Jennifer Bartlett, hosted Thursday’s fair with the help of the district’s career advisor, Katie Schindler and SRTC Student Services Counselor Deanna Farrell. 

The event had been put on pause during the height of COVID-19 and last year marked its return. It also welcomed Bartlett and Schindler to the fair’s planning committee.

“I’m doing my small part in helping students be more prepared for what’s next,” Schindler expressed. 

Made up of representatives from 37 different businesses, 36 colleges and all branches of the U.S. military, the fair was conducted to provide students the opportunity to explore their potential options after high school. 

Bartlett and Schindler invited representatives with the student body and their wide range of interests in mind. 

“I call it a smorgasbord,” Bartlett remarked, “it’s a buffet, something for everyone there.” 

Representatives from a diverse range of career fields allowed and urged attendees to begin networking toward their future.  

To ensure students are able to get the most out of their time, Schindler designed a curriculum and circulated it throughout the SRTC program and SHS classrooms. The curriculum encourages students to research their field of interest. 

Bartlett added that a survey sent out last January throughout the SRTC program showed that after attending the career fair, students had made connections in their desired field, followed up, and applied to programs. 

“It is such a great opportunity for our students to have this opportunity for them,” Schindler said, “I want them to be excited about it.” 

From left to right: Katie Schindler, Deanna Farrell, and Jen Bartlett are SHS and SRTC staff members who help put on the annual event. Source: Dahlia Wechsler

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